We would like to welcome you, dear visitor, to the webpage from our open source project: Wo Est Catalog. In the following webpages we will display some basic information on how to getting started with the program.

History of Wo Est

Wo Est Catalog is an assignment we had to do in school for the course SMALL ICT PROJECTS. The goal of the course was to develop a project where other people in the open source community could benefit from. We had the idea that developping a program in C# and then releasing the source code would be rather interesting for IT students all over the world.

Students and teachers all over the world are welcome to use the source code and learn from it. We tried to keep things rather simple and demonstrate some principles of OO programming as well as demonstrate the use of C#

You can find the program on Sourceforge and we provided links to the relevant pages.


What is Wo Est

Wo est is an open source catalog program. This means that it collects data from your hard drives, USB sticks, DVD's and places it in a catalog so you can easily retrieve that valuable piece of data you were looking for. For instance: if you have lot of MP3's you can easily make a catalog for them so you know where to find them if you need them

What does the name stand for?

We both come from Belgium and more particularly the Dutch speaking part. There are a lot of dialects in our language and Wo Est is actually a small sentence in one of those dialects. Wo Est, in English, means Where is It.

Is Wo Est available in my language?

It's available in English, Dutch, French and German. If you feel like you would like to add another language, please feel free to do so

Is Wo Est a finished product?

Tough question because is computer software ever finished? There is probably some stuff we overlooked or stuff that have could been done better. The project is never finished. A nice addition would be a flashy Graphical User Interface for example and maybe more functionallity. Wo Est is just a basic program at the moment.

I need more info

More information can be found at our Sourceforge page